A soft return

After quite a long hiatus, I’m tentatively back. I’ve been working on a dissertation project, and I thought it would be fun and useful and interesting to revive my old thesis blog. Regaining access was actually trickier than I expected, but that’s all sorted out (hey nerds please update your two-factor authenticators and make sure to keep backup codes in a safe place even if you’ve moved, yanno, like four times since).

Personal updates: I’m basically ABD at this point and teaching an online class, and I’ve gotten kicked in the face with various medical issues that I kinda let pile up. So now I’m kicking them in the face this year. Which makes work a bit slow. Which makes me feel bad, which makes me work slower, etc etc. It’s not a great cycle and I think having this space to talk about my research informally will help me figure out who I am as a scholar and who I want to be. Anyway. I’ll probably update my CV page sometime, and maybe link to some publications I have (who, me?).

I don’t necessarily want to commit to posting regularly…but maybe I ought to. Let’s say once a week, maybe on Wednesdays? I’ll see how I feel this week. 🙂